Sunny Silky Gauze - Natural White

Sunny Silky Gauze is a double-layer muslin fabric made from a silky-soft cotton and rayon blend. We love this cotton blend option because it is soft like cotton, but has a silkier hand and ultra-smooth surface thanks to a touch of rayon.

Fabric texture and appearance - This fabric will arrive flat and ready to sew, but the texture will soften after the first wash. The texture changes from flat and slippery to soft and crinkly. A 3/4" grid pattern is woven throughout, but the grid will become less noticeable after washing. See product images for before and after. Approximately 5% shrinkage expected with cold water washing and tumble drying on low

Sold by the yard. 70% cotton 30% rayon. Natural white color. 52" / 132 cm width. Lightweight. Imported from China.